Yes! Winter's over and the Silly Season is upon us!!

Looks like the Republican Primary maybes are getting warmed up to the task. And a caveat, I don’t consider the following to be “silly” in any depreciating manner, I just enjoy the sight of politicians either defending the indefensible or admitting they screwed up.

Let’s start with Defending the Indefensible. Mitt is the current undisputed champion in this category. I’m sure we’ll have people giving him a run for his money before long, but he IS the standard here. From Reason

Mitt Romney is still defending the health care overhaul he signed into law as governor of Massachusetts. So are liberal defenders of ObamaCare, an overhaul explicitly modeled after the Bay State’s law.

And from his own lips

“Overall, ours is a model that works,” Romney said in response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University. “We solved our problem at the state level. Like it or not, it was a state solution.”

This pretty much leaves me speechless. You really should read the whole Reason link, it will give you a good idea just how out of touch with reality Mitt Romney is.

Moving right along to the Oops! category

We’ve got two early entrants. The first would be Mitch Daniels who, after being invited to a tar and feather party where he brought his own feather pillow named “truce”, it looks like he got the message. As has been documented all over Redstate for the last couple of days, Mitch announced he’s signing the bill that will restrict some abortions and defund Planned Parenthood. He didn’t come right out and say “I was an idiot to talk about a truce.” but this is pretty close.

And then there’s Tim Pawlenty up in New Hampshire. I give him three gold stars for this

Asked in a public question-and-answer session about his past support for a cap-and-trade-like program limiting carbon emissions, Pawlenty answered: “It was a mistake, it was stupid and I’m sorry.”

And then he kept going.

“I don’t try to defend it. Everybody’s got a couple of clunkers in their record,” Pawlenty continued, repeating: “I don’t try to defend it. It was dumb.”

Good job TPaw.

Oh, and Romney followed TPaw, was asked about RomneyCare and defended it again.

I can’t wait for things to really heat up.