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Let me start with a basic statement of facts.

  • I favor legal immigration and I favor increasing the number of people allowed to legally immigrate into the US.
  • Immigration must be managed in a way that brings people based on their ability assimilate and be productive citizens.
  • I am unalterably opposed to illegal immigrants, from whatever their home country.
  • I favor laws, at the state level if necessary, that makes housing, employment and education as close to impossible as we can make it. I favor the use of e-Verify or a similar system to validate the right of every individual to housing, employment and education and I favor harsh penalties aimed at employers, landlords/property managers and school administrators who allow illegal aliens to live, work or attend school.
  • I favor an interpretation of the concept of “birthright citizenship” that grants US citizenship to children born of parents who are legal immigrants to the US and disallows citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

It’s worth noting that I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have more than a passing exposure to the effects of a flood of illegal immigrants on the economy and the culture of my home state, and on my country, and it is devastating. The United States is subject to an invasion from Mexico, an invasion that is defacto organized and supported by the Mexican Government. In the US, there is a significant faction made up of high profile members of both major political parties who are complicit in enabling this invasion, who are complicit in doing everything in their power to stop the enforcement of long existing immigration law and who have stopped efforts to secure our southern border.

Illegal immigration is costing our state more than just billions of dollars. Illegal immigrants – from Mexico – are systematically destroying our culture and the foundation of the nation in our educational system. K-12 classes are typically crowded with students for whom English is a distant second language. These students, some if not many of whom are actually US citizens, come from families who have illegally immigrated from Mexico. By and large they have no intention or inclination to assimilate into US culture. They, and their families are nothing more than an occupation force in this country.

Recently, a substitute teacher recounted his experience in a metro-Phoenix eighth grade classroom in a letter to state Senator Russell Pearce. Pearce is the Senate Majority Leader and was the driving force behind SB1070. He has also introduced additional legislation this year aimed at denying “birthright citizenship” to the children of illegal aliens. His letter wasn’t meant for publication but it found its way to the pages of The Arizona Republic:

I currently work as a substitute teacher in the west valley areas of Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria. I was called upon to teach history and language arts for 8th grade at a Glendale public school. The number of students I had in each class ranged from 28 to 38 children, which were almost all Hispanic and a couple of Black children. The day started out as usual turning on the television listening and watching the announcements and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. During the Pledge of Allegiance I notice the vast majority of students refusing to stand and say the pledge. I asked the students why they refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance and they responded by saying, “we are Mexicans and Americans stole our land.”

The teacher’s instructions were for the students to read a few pages and answer the questions regarding Mark Twain in their history textbook and to finish their final drafts to Senator Steve Gallardo thanking him for his position on Illegal Immigration rights. Their teacher apparently had showed them a video with Senator Steve Gallardo and Lou Dobbs. Most of the students came unprepared for class not possessing paper and pencil. I provided the students with paper and pencils only to have them wade-up the paper and throw it at each other along with their pencils.

The students’ final drafts that I read were basically the same. Most of them stated they were in the country illegally, White Americans are racist…

It’s worth a minute or two to read the whole letter. The bottom line is pretty obvious though. Classrooms that are out of control from a discipline perspective, assignments that are designed around the racist and Mexican nationalist perspectives of its pathetically ignorant students and in general, a school that is allowed to ignore the real educational needs of its students.

Mexico has, covertly, declared war on the US. There are about two million criminal illegal aliens in the US. Given that the illegal alien population is estimated to be between 12 and 20 million, a very significant proportion of the illegal population are criminals. Numbers like that should put to rest the clap-trap that they are just “good, hardworking families seeking a better future for their children”, especially when taken in context with the attitudes expressed by the eighth graders above.

In addition to being able to displace a significant proportion of their population – and their criminal element – north of the border, money sent by wire transfer from the US to Mexico represents the second largest segment of the Mexican economy, behind oil revenues. The Mexican government has a serious vested interest in keeping up the flow of illegal Mexicans into the US so the flow of US dollars south can continue to prop up their economy. From Newsmax:

A Mexican-based financial company is forecasting $22 billion in remittances for 2010 making it Mexico’s second highest revenue maker behind crude oil.

In terms of cost to US taxpayers, FAIR – the Federation for American Immigration Reform – found in a study done last year, the cost at the federal, state and local level is $113B per year. The cost to most states happens to coincide with structural deficit in those states. For instance, the cost of illegal aliens to the state of Arizona is $2.5B, the structural deficit is about $3B. In California, cost of illegal aliens is $21B, deficit is $33B.

So, what to do? I’ve said this before, but not for a while so I’ll repeat it. We need to do what works to secure the country. The solution is really quite simple – not necessarily legislatively simple, but structurally simple. We don’t need to call out the National Guard for round-ups in the barrios, we just need to take appropriate administrative steps to make life a very in-hospitable thing for illegal aliens.

  • Require e-Verify forms proving legal right to work in every employee file. This is similar to the current requirement of an I-9 form. Use of the e-Verify system is free and requires only access to the internet and less than a minute to input the personal information supplied by the employee or potential employee. It is NOT an onerous or expensive burden on business.
  • Require e-Verify forms on every resident of rental housing.
  • Institute criminal penalties – a $10,000 per person fine and a lowest class felony charge for either employing or renting to an illegal. The fine has to be big enough to entice law enforcement to actually enforce it.
  • The fine must be attached to the business owner/ranking officer of the business if it’s a public company and not be dischargeable in bankruptcy.
  • The felony charge can’t be able to be pled down to a misdemeanor and it should require a modest amount of jail time, maybe two months per head. The reason for the felony is simple, most states deny liquor, contractor’s and business licenses to felons.
  • End the practice of granting US citizenship to children born of illegal aliens. And, deport the mother and the baby when they are released from the hospital.

Efforts like these will work. Illegal aliens are like a water leak in the house. They will find the path of least resistance, and coincidently, like a water leak they will ruin the house. Both Arizona and Prince William County, Virginia have discovered that when laws are passed that make address the problem, illegals will go elsewhere. That’s why about a dozen other states are considering laws similar to Arizona’s SB1070.

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