Why not Newt?

Thanks for asking. Here’s just another reason why not…

Just a little history first though. Newt Gingrich led the Republicans out of the darkness of a 40 year waltz in the desert of political meaninglessness. He was THE revolutionary in 1994. Then he was thoroughly and completely newtered [sic] by Bill Clinton over the ill fated shutdown of the federal government. Ill fated because Newt lost his nerve and he also got out-politic’d. So Newt’s been hanging around DC for the last dozen or so years looking for some kind of affirmation. He found it in being a Man of Washington, kind of a smarter version of Mike Huckabee (dead white cat where are you?).

Just to prove he’s a “not-really-a-conservative-anymore” kinda guy, in 2005 Newt stepped up to the plate with… well, you read the New York Times account:

Gingrich, the former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, has been working alongside the wife of former President Bill Clinton, now a Democratic senator from New York, on a number of issues, and even appeared with her at a press conference on Wednesday to promote – of all things – health care legislation.

But more puzzling than that, Gingrich has been talking up Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2008, to the chagrin of conservative loyalists who once regarded him as an iconic figure. Last month, he even suggested she might capture the presidency, saying “any Republican who thinks she’s going to be easy to beat has a total amnesia about the history of the Clintons.”

OK, a quick break to vomit.

Allrightynow! Feel better? You won’t for long.

From RadioIowa:

ormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich today dismissed the “big city” critics of corn-based ethanol and suggested the biofuels industry will be able to “stand on its own” without federal subsidies once all autos are “flexible-fuel” vehicles.
Gingrich attacked critics of ethanol, saying a recent Wall Street Journal editorial on the subject was “flat out wrong.”

“I don’t mind people having an honest argument about ideology, but they ought to at least use facts that are accurate,” Gingrich said. “…This is an interest group fight in which a number of very sophisticated, big interest groups have set up a myth and are busy actively propagating the myth, but the truth is it hurts the farmer. It hurts rural America and it’s fundamentally unfair to America’s future.”

Gingrich called for new federal regulations to ensure every vehicle made in the U.S. is able to run on ethanol or methane.

Nice huh?

Hey Newt. Go away. Far, far away.