Good grief! More corruption.

…and [shocked] in Detroit!

The people who elect guys like this are simply stupid. Who the hell dresses them in the morning and feeds them? Well, for a partial answer, “we” feed them because most of them are either on welfare or unemployment. From the Detroit Free Press

Kwame Kilpatrick & his Homies.

A federal grand jury today indicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father and three former top aides on racketeering charges, accusing them of turning the mayor’s office into a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves, families and friends.

Besides the now-jailed former mayor, the 38-count indictment names his father, Bernard Kilpatrick, city contractor Bobby Ferguson, former top Kilpatrick aide Derrick Miller and former water department chief Victor Mercado in one of the largest public corruption investigations ever in the City of Detroit.

Needless to say, their attorneys are vigorously denying the charges and swearing they’ll fight them. Or that they had no immediate comment. Heh.

It’s worth remembering just who Kwame Kilpatrick is. He was the mayor of Detroit at the time when Barack Obama was just a fledgling US Senator looking for support out there in “the community”. Kwame was very supportive. And Barack had nice things to say about him…

You really need to stop right here and watch that video if you didn’t. It’s freaking amazing. Not only is Barack Obama not qualified to run a lemonade stand, his judgment on people sucks big time.

The Freedom Defense Fund produced a great ad based on this idiot (that would be the “Kwame Idiot”)…

Where do these people find folks dumb enough to vote for them? Oh yeah…