Are the teacher's unions wearing out their welcome??

Earlier in the week, we talked about a group of parents in Compton, CA who finally got fed up with the lousy school their kids were forced to go to by the educators and union leaders who are sure they are smarter than parents. They took advantage of a new law that gave these parents the right to swap out their current “public” school for a charter school. And, the California Teachers Association was up in arms.

Well, yesterday it seems that one of the chief toadys who’s been rolling over for “public employee” unions, especially the CTA, made a really interesting statement.

In a Sacramento address to state leaders, Villaraigosa — himself a longtime teachers union employee before launching a career in public office — declared that education in Los Angeles stands at “a critical crossroads,” and he assailed United Teachers Los Angeles for resisting change.

During the last five years, the mayor said, union leaders have stood as “one unwavering roadblock to reform.” He called for change in contentious areas such as tenure, teacher evaluations and seniority

Let’s be clear. Villaraigosa is no Tea Party Patriot. He’s an open borders, union accommodating Marxist who is in lockstep with RexO™. He’s a lefty’s lefty. If he’s laying down a marker on the union, there’s something going on, and it could be big.

I certainly hope so, public employee unions are not only the financial death of government, teacher’s unions in particular are the most onerous. Their work rules are the difference between decent schools and the bombed-out skeletons that pass for a place to educate your kids that exist in every city in the US. And when I say “bombed-out” I’m not talking about the physical plant, I’m talking about the curriculum, the administration and the teachers who fail year after year to actually give the children in the US an education that is useful in a competitive marketplace. Instead, we continue to see schools give diplomas to kids that can’t read or do simple math and are basically not qualified for an entry level job in the real world.

So, I say, Go get ’em Anthony!