Hey! It's just a matter of priorities...

TV Commercial

So Congress hasn’t been able to find the time to pass a budget for the fiscal year that began a couple of months ago. And then there’s the Obama Tax Increase that needs action. And there must be something going on that requires legislation that will improve the lives of some children someplace or another. Well, there’s just not time to be able to deal with that stuff.

Because there’s “important” stuff that MUST be dealt with. From, appropriately enough, Time

You and your partner are in the midst of that movie that, for one of you, seems like it will never end. Just when the temporary escape of a commercial arrives, yelling ensues. The volume has spiked to unbearable levels. Then, when the film returns, the next accusation emerges — what possessed you to lower the volume that much?

Thanks to the House’s passage of the CALM Act on Thursday, everyone can calm down. Piloted by California Rep. Anna Eshoo, the bill grants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agency to enforce that a commercial’s volume level parallels the television show playing during its allotted times.

We need a stone pit. These people should be stoned. Or, considering the source, maybe they are.