Ahhh yes. A man after my own hard, cold heart!

Congressman Joe Barton

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) is the recipient of the first of what hopefully will be many awards of the 908 Straight St Know Your Enemy Award.

I’ve been harping for a long time that elected Democrats are NOT just honorable people who view the world differently than I do. They are the enemy of the American Dream and they are far more dangerous to our national security than Al Qaeda could or ever will be. It’s about time we – and especially our elected Republican representatives – started treating them that way. I am beyond sick to death of hearing people like Orrin Hatch and John McCain talk about “…my friend – and he IS my friend – Senator Kennedy [or any other elected Dem]…” Note to Republican House Members and Senators: if you’ve “friends” on the other side of the aisle, either get new friends or find a new job.

Anyway, with respect to Congressman Barton, he is the ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He will, hopefully, be the Chairman of that committee in the new Congress. He’s drawing a very nice line in the sand with what appears to be a pretty big backhoe according to the Washington Post.

If the Obama administration was hoping to see hints of bipartisanship from the Hill, it might want to skip over the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The committee’s ranking Republican, Rep. Joe L. Barton (Tex.), has a slide presentation that he’s e-mailing to colleagues, pledging to do for the administration what Gen. George Patton and company did for Germany.

I love the guy. In a manly sort of way of course. And he goes on to lay out the organization for the Congress that really appeals to me…

“Speaker Boehner is our Dwight Eisenhower in the battle against the Obama Administration. Majority Leader Cantor is our Omar Bradley. I want to be George Patton – put anything in my scope and I will shoot it.”

Call John Boehner today and support Joe Barton for Chairman of Energy and Commerce at (202) 225-6205 or send him a fax at (202) 225-0704.