Joel Demos - CD05 R-Cand. You've just gotta see this!

I don’t know much about MN politics in general and that extends to the CD05 race.  But here’s what I do know:

  • Keith Ellison – D is the incumbent.
  • Keith Ellison is known as “the Congressman from CAIR”.
  • Ellison, in addition to providing aid and support to enemies of the US, is a far Lefty.
  • Ellison is a profligate spender.
  • For a really in depth look at Keith Ellison, check out Powerline’s articles on him, they’re excellent.

Which brings us to Joel Demos, who’s running against Ellison in November. All I know about Demos is the commercial below, and the players are Demos, his wife and their children. The commercial deserves an award of some variety or another and you should consider supporting Demos. You can find out more about him here…

Chris Christie where are you?

After the election the Republicans should hold some sort of Political Academy Awards for commercials, there’s a ton of really great ones this year…