Just how bad is it for Democrats????

The Republican Party nominated Jan Brewer for Governor.  She’s our sitting Governor thanks to moving up after Janet Nappy went to DC.

Let me be clear, I’ll vote for Brewer in November.  Let me also be clear, Jan Brewer is likely to be the worst Governor in the US over the next four years, she’s certainly going to be remembered as Arizona’s worst, and we’ve had some doozies.  She was an OK Secretary of State, it’s an administrative post that doesn’t require leadership or dealing with the political hierarchy in the state.  She’s so far over her head right now it’s pathetic.  Our current budget is hers.  She “balanced” it using one time only federal funds to buy off the “educators” and she raised taxes.  She got beaten into a token cut by a group of committed conservative freshman legislators and Pam Gorman.  Think of Charlie Crist in drag and you’ve got Jan Brewer.

She’s way ahead in the polls because she signed SB1070 without ever saying a word about it prior to signing it and she’s done a very good job of reading her lines on this subject since she signed it.  But that aside, Arizona will be much the worse for her tenure.

She’s better than Terry Goddard, the Democrat nominee.  But not by much.

And then comes Rasmussen.  Heh.

Despite her halting debate performance last week, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer now earns 60% of the vote in her bid for reelection, her best showing in the race to date.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Arizona Voters shows Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard with 38% support. One percent (1%) like some other candidate in the race, and another one percent (1%) are undecided.

60/40 over Goddard, the only Democrat in the state with good name recognition and a pretty good public record as AG.  Goddard should be totally embarrassed to 20 points behind a candidate who stared at the table for 13 seconds in the middle of a sentence at their only debate.  Which she later admitted she did ONLY so she could pick up $1.7MM in “Clean Elections” funds (don’t ask).

So, to answer the question again… Things for Democrats are really, really, really bad.