The Sky is Falling!!! Ahhh no, it's just

the first shoe.

In an article by Chicken Little at the WaPo, they are passing off as “fact” a prognostication by a group of no-account whack jobs at the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties and U.S. Conference of Mayors. In other words, the The National Association of Local Politicians Who are Terrified of Cutting Union Jobs or Asking Local Taxpayers for Money. TNALSWATCUJALTM is going around you and going straight to the printing press, TheBoyPresident;™. They are projecting a $74B tax collection shortfall and they want “federal money” because it spends better than “local money”. After all, “federal money”, to paraphrase JD Hayworth, is “free money”. So sayeth Chicken Little…

Local governments across the country are facing an intensifying fiscal crisis that is forcing them to make deep cuts in personnel and services just as more hard-pressed residents are seeking their help, according to a report released Tuesday.

These cities and counties — which have cut jobs significantly since the start of the downturn — could slash as many as 500,000 more jobs over the current and coming fiscal years. The cuts would affect schools, public safety, libraries, trash collection and social services, according to survey released jointly by the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties and U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Combined with the fiscal stress confronting state governments — which face a combined budget deficit of $89 billion this year — the crisis faced by counties and cities hampers the struggling economic recovery, analysts have said.

Cops, teachers, social services. Blah blah blah. Here’s a heads up for you folks. Cut teachers salaries and benefits. Fire school administrators not working in the classroom or who are not principals and do not replace them. Eliminate janitorial services and bus drivers and contract with private companies. Push for Charter Schools and close “public schools”. Contract trash removal with private companies. Cut back library hours. Go through your city and county payrolls and eliminate everybody with a title that contains even a vague reference to the word “officer”, like “diversity officer”.

Here’s a picture of just how out of touch with economic reality these jackasses are.

The Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research group, estimates that for every 100 public sector jobs that are cut, an additional 30 jobs are lost in the private sector, which relies heavily on governments as customers.

Together, state and local governments are one of the nation’s largest job sectors and economic drivers — larger than the manufacturing and construction industries combined, the report said.

This is what you’d expect from a “liberal research group”. First of all, if you cut “public sector” jobs and privatize the function you’ll save at least 30% in personnel cost because you’ll need about 30% fewer bodies. And the “benefits” will likely cost about 80% less. And then there’s the brain-dead-stupid idea that government jobs are economic drivers. In fact, they suck the life out of local economies (and national ones too). They regulate and they generally work to make the for-profit-sector, where jobs actually add value in relation to their worth, less efficient.

The Christian Science Monitor weighs in as well.

“It’s vital to the survival of cities and towns throughout this country,” said James Mitchell, a city council member from Charlotte, N.C., and a vice president at the National League of Cities, in a telephone press briefing.

The ultimatum sets up a summer of drama for cities and counties, largely because the legislation “does not stand a chance in the Senate,” says Chris Edwards, an analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington.

With the federal deficit projected to come in at about $1.4 trillion this fiscal year, passing any bills that add to the deficit will be difficult with an election looming.

“It appears adding to the deficit is much more difficult than the past,” says Dennis Jacobe, Washington-based chief economist at Gallup, the polling organization. “The question is, is it a priority to substitute for other spending?”

Mr. Edwards notes that state and local government employment grew through 2008 and then was flat for the next two years as corporations and citizens tightened their belts. At the same time, he says, many states and cities have overpromised what they can provide for pensions and health-care benefits.

“If they get more federal bailout money, it’s another reason for them to avoid making the tough decisions,” says Edwards.

My highlight.

If you give them money they will spend a dollar and a half for every dollar you give them. Bet on it. It’s not gambling, it’s a sure thing. Edwards is right. And it’s about time the people who run government got a taste of accountability. I really don’t know how anybody could possibly be surprised at this, after all cities have been electing a liberal elite for the last 50+ years who have done nothing but take money from the people who do the work and ship it into the ghetto. It’s had two consistent effects. The people who do the work leave and the people who get the “benefits” stay and demand more. It’s way past time to say no.

Oh, and don’t kid yourself folks. This is the first shot of what will be a real hot war. Because it’s not about a $74B tax shortfall, it’s about nationalizing state, county and local budgets. And the big steel toed work shoe is just waiting to drop, and that would be the state, county and municipal pension funds which are about $3T short.

I have two suggestions. Vote Republican. Buy ammunition.