JD Hayworth treated for gunshot wounds...

that would be for self inflicted gunshot wounds to his feet.

I noted months ago that while John McCain had a huge money advantage he really didn’t need to spend much of it to beat Hayworth. He happens to be spending lots of it, but it’s really overkill. I noted that JD’s biggest problem was his mouth. It’s big enough to hold both feet with room left over and so far, he’s made me look like a prophet. First there was his “birther” commentary. Next came his comment about being able to marry his horse. There was going to war in WWII minus a declaration of war. Then there was “free money”. Now, in the throes of desperation from looking at a 45 point McCain lead, he comes up with this as reported in the Arizona Republic.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is a supporter of John McCain. Babeu also made an appearance on a Tennessee-based radio program that once hosted former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. NOTE: that once. JD hit the press release route to attack McCain and his racist supporters.

Hayworth said that if McCain doesn’t take down the Babeu ads, “that speaks volumes about the man who loves saying that character matters.”

“David Duke, Paul Babeu, John McCain – certainly the senior senator from Arizona does not want to be at that party,” Hayworth said Wednesday in a written statement.

John McCain and David Duke. And JD wants to be a US Senator. Oh, JD dumped a press release because he can’t afford a TV ad. The press release was met with the characteristic outpouring of people running like hell to get away from JD.

Babeu has acknowledged that going on the show was a mistake, and some supporters of Hayworth, including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are defending him.

“Sheriff Paul Babeu supports SB 1070 (Arizona’s immigration law) and is against illegal immigration,” Arpaio said in a written statement provided to The Arizona Republic by Tim Gaffney, Babeu’s spokesman. “Paul is no more a racist than any good American who wants to secure our border and stop illegal immigration.”
The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, which is supporting McCain, issued a news release Thursday in which its president called on Hayworth to apologize to Babeu.

Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which has endorsed Hayworth, also defended Babeu in a written statement provided by Gaffney. Spencer called media criticism of Babeu “unwarranted and misdirected.”

Note that Arpaio is the only really high profile endorsement JD’s got. Had? Anyway, there are also some select comments from JD’s Facebook page that are less than laudatory.

Oh well, the primary has been over for months. But there really is a lesson here. If you’re a conservative and you’d really like to see someone like McCain beaten in a primary, you have to have a plan and you have to have a credible candidate. Conservatives in Arizona this time around had neither. There were two possible candidates who could have given McCain a real run for his money, John Shadegg and Jeff Flake. They both chose not to challenge the incumbent. There are any number of incumbent Republican Senators who we conservatives would like to see banished to the outer rings of Hell. A couple in Maine and one South Carolina come to mind immediately. And we’ve got time to put together a plan to take them out if a credible candidate is available to run against them. If we don’t put together a real plan and find a credible candidate we’ll be saddled with a rerun of Arizona ’10 with a pathetic has-been with name recognition thinks he can pull off a “Scott Brown”. It won’t be happening in Arizona this year. And it won’t be happening anywhere else at any time in the future either.