Twenty minutes that will save the planet.

Leadership. Oops, that should be “Leadership?”

So, there a world class disaster thingy going on. You’re the Leader of the Free World occupant of the White House. The disaster thingy has been going on for a while, like a month and a half, and your friends at the NYT and the WaPo have noticed that you’ve spent more time on vacation than you have chatting about this thingy. So OK, remembering that you’re the OotWH and when you say things like “Yo dude! You need to show up here in DC so we can chat. Like tomorrow at 8am.” people will actually hop a plane without bothering to check their Outlook schedules. So, while you ponder what “you” might do, here’s what the current OotWH did on June 10 (for the [insert major here] Studies folks that would be six days ago)…

Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen issued the invitation in a letter Thursday to BP’s chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg.

The letter requests that Svanberg and “any appropriate officials from BP” meet next Wednesday with senior administration officials.

Oh, and if you follow the link that would have officially been “Day 58”.

So, to answer the question, the current OotWH didn’t do squat. He had a Coast Guard guy who probably knows just slightly more than my Dead White Cat about deep water drilling (not a criticism, it’s not his primary job, just stating a reasonable assumption) invite “any appropriate” folks to show up next week.

Now let me note that I’ve run a few companies. Nothing like being the OotWH and nothing in the petroleum industry, so I’m not only not an expert on that stuff, I’m flat out ignorant. OTOH, I do have a pretty good idea how to get folks together for a meeting, especially when my professional future is at stake. And First Dude, that wouldn’t be it. I would note here that it’s pretty safe to make the statement, based on your antics here, that you really suck at running stuff.

But it gets better. One, the COotWH refuses to meet with the CEO of BP. I’m guessing he’s gonna be the fall guy and First Dude doesn’t want to be seen with him. I mean heck, he is only in charge of day-to-day ops at BP so no big deal. I guess he wasn’t on the “Appropriate” list. Oh, and guess what. First Dude will, according to Mark Knoller, only be spending about twenty minutes in meeting. No word if FD will be opening the meeting in prayer or serving the danish or just dropping by to tell a funny golf story, but I’m sure he won’t be able to be blamed for the result of the meeting.

Where the hell are the adults?