Wanna see the face of terrorism? Here ya go...

Hat tip to HotAir…

This clip of David Horowitz (who, I’m pretty sure, is one of the Elders of Zion) speaking at the University of California at San Diego. He opens the floor for questions and the head of the Muslim Students Association rises to ask a question. The video is 3:29, watch it all and then consider the questions below…

Quick facts:

1. The terrorist with the unpronounceable name admits that she thinks she could be arrested by Homeland Security if she says she supports Hamas. Oh that that were true.
2. She, and by inference the MSA since she is their spokesperson, supports Hamas and supports genocide of Jews. “For it.”

OK, quick questions…
1. What would happen if a College Republican said she was for genocide blacks in the US?
2. How much funding does the MSA get from student fees at UCSD?
3. Should the support of – and promotion of – genocide be a First Amendment issue?
4. How can we get this organization off US campuses?
5. Why isn’t DHS crawling up this woman’s, and the MSA’s, nether regions?

And a final note. If there was any, ANY, question in your mind that we are in a war with radical Islam just look at her face when she says “For it.”

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