Consequences??? We don't need no stinking consequences!

So yeah, I am old enough to remember the “demonstrations” at colleges and universities in the ’60’s.  And for the most part, those institutions are now staffed with the folks who led those protests.  We have about fifty years of history of brain dead unemployable punks occupying campus buildings and doing random acts of violence and destruction and being regarded as heroes on those same campuses.  The root cause of the continuation of this behavior is simple: gutless administrators who are unnerved by the idea of enforcing the rule of law on the campuses they are hired to administer, states willing to buy down the cost of college so any fool can actually attend and have cash flow from grants and deferred student loans and academic departments that offer major programs that have the “studies” or “science” in them.  (Side note: isn’t it interesting that programs that actually study real science don’t have that word in the major description.)

So, here we are today. We’ve got a guy in the White House who worked really hard to associate with the kind of people who not only occupied campus buildings, but burned them down and had no problem with killing cops. You’ve got college and university faculties staffed with people like that. In some states, particularly California, you’ve got a state legislature that Karl Marx would approve of. So you’d think things on radical campuses, especially California, would be hunky dory for today’s radicals, right? Apparently nope.

A campus crackdown on protesters has brought relative calm to UC Berkeley this semester, but it’s provoking accusations that administrators are intimidating students with vague charges and quelling free speech with an arbitrary application of rules.

Compared with the fall semester, when students angry over budget cuts seized buildings, clashed with police and vandalized Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s home, the spring semester has been quiet save for one wild February night when students trashed a construction site and rampaged down Telegraph Avenue.

But the university is focusing on protests from November and December, and have accused at least 63 students of violating the Code of Student Conduct. Disciplinary action includes possible suspension.

Students say the drawn-out disciplinary process is riddled with problems and is stifling legitimate activism.

Note: “legitimate activism”. That’s a phrase that is properly defined only in Wikipedia.

The activists are apparently facing huge problems at Berkeley based on this final slice from the article.

Student Callie Maidhof has written to faculty asking for help in opposing the process. Present at most of last fall’s protests, Maidhof said she’s among many whose charges are “unsupported by evidence” and that even a stayed suspension is unacceptable because a subsequent complaint about her would mean instant suspension.

“This is an extremely vulnerable situation,” she wrote. “It would effectively shut down my participation in any activism or protest in any capacity. We need all the help we can get.”

They are, apparently, having trouble getting “help” even from the Berkeley faculty. Heh. Consequences are a real bitch.

I would suggest that University systems, in the name of cost control, either drop all majors with the word “studies” or “science” or adjust the tuition for those programs to the full cost of the program. After all, the only “job” one is remotely qualified for with an advanced degree in those programs is to teach in those programs at the university level. Simply pathetic.