So OK, just what DOES "leadership" look like?

It looks like this (with a HT to NRO’s Campaign Spot)…

Note to DC Republicans: Chris Christie is reducing expenditures in New Jersey. He’s not “cutting the budget”, he’s reducing the absolute amount of money spent by the state. And where did he start? With pensions to retired state workers. And a whack at the transit unions.

This is not about 2012 and please don’t make the commentary about it. This is about TODAY. TheBoyPresident™ has signed a Marxist piece of work that effectively nationalizes one-sixth of the US economy and will destroy the healh care delivery system that is the envy of the world. Governor Christie – in an incredibly BLUE state cuts retirement benefits to current retirees. And future retirees. Got that Mitch. Got that Johns.

I don’t know the ins-and-outs of NJ politics and I have no idea who’s-who at the state level, so I don’t know pretty much any of the other speakers on the video, but I’d be willing to bet Franz’ bag of apple treats that most of the other folk praising the bill signing were not Republicans. Or Independents. Or Libertarians. Or members of the elusive Tea Party.

Great job Governor Christie. You are truly an example to the idiots running around Washington DC these days. I, for one, am excited about what you are going to do next.