Colin Powell is UPDATED WITH FRED! (the diary not Colin)

a freaking idiot too. But at least he didn’t get invited to CPAC. From The Hill

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday that he has no regrets in backing Barack Obama for president and decried the partisanship that he said has hampered Obama in his first year.

A veteran of the Bush administration, Powell was asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation” about whether he had regrets in throwing his support behind Obama. “None whatsoever,” Powell said.

“I think it was the right choice when the nation voted for him,” the retired four-star general added. “He has done some things that have helped the nation a great deal,” including stabillize the country’s financial situation, “even though I’m not happy with all they have done.”

Powell said that Obama’s mistake may be pushing forward on healthcare while his “main attack” in the eyes of the American people should be fixing the economy and getting people back to work. “I’m afraid he put too much on the plate,” Powell said.

Powell, a Republican, also said Obama “underestimated the opposition.”

“…a Republican…” NOT!

I always thought that you had to be a really smart guy to get to be a General Officer. Well, that’s another thought that is dashed on the rocks of reality.

Tell ya what Colin, get together with Newt and Ron Paul and go back to your home planet.


Here’s Fred Thomson on Powell’s assertion that civilian courts work better than military tribunals for prosecuting terrorists. It’s classic Fred.