Newt Gingrich is a freaking idiot.

Newt’s latest gem in Time

President Obama and the Republicans have a chance to put America on a new path with a new tone and a new determination to solve problems. That opportunity will come at the proposed health summit on Feb. 25. Both the President and congressional Republicans should adopt as their attitude for this summit Pope John Paul II’s admonition in his initial homily in 1978: “Be not afraid.”

Obama should not be afraid to drop the 4,500 pages of Democratic health legislation. He should commit to work in an open, bipartisan manner on new legislation that would earn public support both for its substance and through the transparent process by which it is crafted.


Republicans have much less to lose than the President does. If they offer good solutions and work with Democrats to find areas of agreement, they will have met the country’s test for bipartisanship. If they refuse to support Big Government, big-spending legislation, they will have a vast majority of the country on their side.

Let’s hope, for the sake of America’s health care system and our country’s ability to solve public challenges, that both Obama and congressional Republicans take advantage of this opportunity.

So Newt, you didn’t learn a cotton picking thing when Clinton ate your breakfast, lunch and dinner, huh? Oh, and you didn’t get much out of offering to work with Hillary or Nancy either.

I’m proposing a Constitutional Amendment. Every elected or appointed government official can serve for twelve years. Upon the dawning of the first day after the twelfth year of either contiguous or non-contiguous service, said official is thrown from the Capitol Dome onto the Capitol Steps.

Newt, you’re the very reason people hate politicians.