Michael Yon on Valentines Day...

I clipped this from Instapundit, the picture and the caption. I couldn’t think of a thing to add to it.

A crew from the United States Air Force spent Saturday night and Sunday morning airlifting different groups of wounded soldiers from Kandahar to Camp Bastion to Bagram, back to Kandahar, then back to Bagram, and back to Kandahar. These patients were from Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Here, an Air Force nurse caresses the head of a wounded, unconscious Canadian soldier while whispering into his ear. (Photo and caption by Michael Yon).

Note, Michael Yon is the finest war correspondent around. He’s done more to document the “real” war in both Iraq and in Afghanistan than all of the MSM combined. He also does it on his own nickle. Please click on Michael’s name at the start of this paragraph and read his whole article. And then make a contribution to keep him doing the great work he’s done for the past decade.

Thank you Michael for your humanity and for showing the humanity of the US Military, as well as that of our allies, in a war waged by inhumanity. May God bless you and keep you safe.