Oh well, it's just an endorsement...

The flip sides of today’s news are interesting.

First, heads. Senator DeMint is in the Crist/Rubio race with both feet. HT to Robert Costa at “>NRO. Marco is having a StimulusBomb to raise $787,000 today. As of 7:55pm EST he’d raised $655,000. DeMint is having a complimentary MoneyBomb through the Senate Conservative Fund and their target was $100,000. It’s doing so well it’s been raised to $150,000 and 11:00pm EST they’ve raised $134,000. DeMint is obviously sticking his thumb in the eye of a couple of rather powerful folks with this, namely John Cornyn and John McCain who are both supporting Crist both personally and through the NRSC. Well, maybe the NRSC thingy is kinda on and off, but you get the picture. DeMint isn’t shy about publicly irritating his “friends” in the Senate.

OK, now for tails. From CQ Politics…

Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) on Wednesday declined to endorse fellow Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) in his GOP primary against conservative former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (Ariz.).

DeMint has been active in Republican Senate primaries across the country and has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to his preferred candidates through his Senate Conservatives Fund political action committee.
But DeMint told Fox News he would not pick sides in the McCain-Hayworth contest, saying, “I’m going to stay neutral in Arizona.”

There’s no comment in the article as to “why” and I won’t put words in Senator DeMint’s mouth. But I will note that he’s obviously not particularly concerned with McCain’s “feelings” given his support of Rubio. Oh, and did I mention that DeMint is also supporting, and funding, Chuck DeVore who is running in California against McCain’s preferred Carly? Yep.

You can read all you want into the fact that he’s not endorsing or funding McCain, but at the end of the day the ONLY thing that really matters is that he’s supporting Conservative candidates around the country in direct opposition to the “preferred” candidate of both McCain and the NRSC and he’s not giving JD a dime. And that, I submit, is an excellent practice to follow.