If you didn't have a good reason to love Andrew Breitbart before...

From Big Government, a video of Andrew’s speech to the Nashville Tea Party gathering.

His comments to the “MSM” should be our comments to politicians – ALL Democrats, and more than a few Republicans.

1. At 1:34 – “That, my friends, is not ‘media bias’, that is contempt for the American people.”

2. At 2:42 = “It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

Andrew Breitbart has been doing journeyman’s work at the Tea Party gathering. He also beat down Joe Farrah on birtherism. Farrah was insisting it is a “winning issue” and Breitbart ripped him a new one. I’ve seen an account at HotAir to the effect that the Tea Party organizations (whatever that means) will be holding a press conference to denounce “birtherism”. If that’s true, that’s great.

So Andrew, good day. Thank you. And Mr. Farrah, go crawl in a hole and pull a rock after you.