The RNC issues a statement on the Massachusetts Senate Race.

You can read the whole thing here.

WASHINGTON – The feverish excitement that propelled Barack Obama and scores of other Democrats to victory in 2008 has all but evaporated, worrying [Democratic] party leaders who are struggling to invigorate the base before Tuesday’s Massachusetts Senate race and November’s critical midterm contests…
But the challenges to getting an enthusiastic turnout for Democrats in 2010 are huge. Young voters and left-wing Democrats have become frustrated with progress on the Obama agenda in Washington. Polls show that Obama’s popularity among younger Americans is down.

Well, the guys at the RNC are gloating, but they could have… WHAT? HUH?? IT’S FROM WHERE????

Oh wow, I’m really embarrassed. Franz just caught me in time. It’s always good to have smart people looking over your shoulder.

That quote isn’t from an RNC release, it’s from The Boston Globe. You know, just about the only “newspaper” in Massachusetts that endorsed Coakley.

You really should read the whole thing. If you’ve ever spent ANY time reading the Globe you’ll have to stop several times for pinches. It really does read like an RNC press release. And here’s the money (or “funny”) quote…

The White House is clearly disheartened by the attacks it is getting from the left flank of the party.

I don’t know why some segments of political observers don’t seem to be as motivated. There’s a lot at stake. There’s a lot at stake in the election in Massachusetts; there’s a lot at stake in what’s debated every day on Capitol Hill. What’s at stake is whether we’re going to go forward with ideas for an economic recovery,’’ said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

If you ever needed proof that Scott McClellan was – at least relatively speaking – a fricking genius, there you go.

These are the people who 52 decided should run the country. The inmates are indeed running the asylum. And I’m pretty sure that unintelligible garbled sound I heard on the YouTube video of TheBoyPresident™ speaking in Massachusetts this afternoon, just before he came on stage was “Heeeeerrrreee’s Barrieeeeeeee….”