Marco Rubio is giving lessons...

to the Republican establishment.  I just got this email from him.


I’ll be quick.

There is an extremely important election I would like to briefly speak to you about.

And it’s not mine.

Next week, voters in Massachusetts will go the polls to elect a new United States Senator.

The choice is clear: a liberal establishment Democrat who will rubberstamp the big spending Obama agenda. Or a surging Republican who will fight to stop it.

Today, I am asking you to help Republican Scott Brown win the Senate race in Massachusetts for one simple, but powerful reason: he represents the vote we need to stop the radical Obama-Reid-Pelosi government health care hijacking now being plotted in Washington.

So please take a moment in the next few days to do three simple things:

1. Contribute to Scott’s campaign today. Every little bit will help Scott fight back and finish strong.

2. Make calls. The campaign has set up a “call from home” program and EVERY conservative in America can help. Are you willing to make 15 or more calls to help stop the radical left agenda by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi team?

3. Tell at least 5 of your family and friends to do the same.

Thanks for your support.


Marco Rubio

Good job Marco! Please note that the links in Marco’s email link directly to Scott’s donation site and his “call center” volunteer site.

And where are the NRSC and the scions of the Senate? Nowhere, that’s where. Rumor has it the NRSC put up $50K. McCain made one supporting statement. He’s got $5MM in his campaign coffer today. How much is KBH hanging on to?

Marco is smart enough to understand what a difference Scott Brown can make in the US Senate. Now the real question in my mind is are the NRSC and Republican Senators too dumb to understand the impact Brown can make or do they understand and they just don’t want it to happen. How about that Senator Cornyn? Senator McCain? Anybody?