A Pick Up in North Dakota...

From AP this evening

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven began his run for the U.S. Senate on Monday with appeals for lower taxes, less debt and federal tax incentives to prod business growth and energy production.

Speaking to a boisterous crowd at a meeting of local district Republican organizations, Hoeven, 52, declared he will seek the Republican endorsement to run for a seat now held by Democrat Byron Dorgan, who is not running for his fourth term. Recent polls showed Hoeven leading Dorgan in a hypothetical U.S. Senate race.

Interestingly enough, Hoeven is considered a moderate and he is a former Democrat. He’s also the most popular politician in North Dakota.

According to the AP (read the whole thing) he is opposed to Cap’n’Trade and sounds like he wants the feds out of health care.