Update on the AZ Senate race...

Basically, no change. From today’s AZ Republic, the “I’m Not John McCain” candidates aren’t quitting and they’re now reduced to whining.

Don’t expect Chris Simcox [founder of the border-watch group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps] to quit this year’s Republican Senate race to make way for J.D. Hayworth.
“No way in hell,” Simcox told The Arizona Republic…

Simcox said he is somewhat annoyed by the continued chatter about a possible insurgent run by Hayworth, whom Simcox said “has always been a GOP establishment guy.” Simcox characterized himself as a true outsider candidate.

“Not only have I been out there working for the last eight or nine months, but so has (fellow Republican Senate candidate) Jim Deakin,” Simcox said. “We’ve been out there working the state and not getting recognition from anybody, and J.D. opens his mouth because he has his bully pulpit and he’s the frontrunner in the polls.”

Let me repeat myself, I have no use for John McCain. I’ve never voted for him in a statewide election. The problem in Arizona is that we don’t have anybody with statewide name recognition who can mount a serious challenge to McCain. I find it amazing that Simcox, who has 4% in the latest polling, would classify Hayworth as a “GOP establishment guy”. JD’s a lot of things, that ain’t one.

I’m not going to bother listing again the reasons why McCain wins in a walk, but I just thought I’d toss this out as an update for anybody who though Simcox might be a credible candidate. And then there’s Deakin, who, since Simcox seems to know who he is, has a name recognition factor approaching about 25 people.