It's about fricking time.

From the DNC Talking Points Memo

Members of both parties say the dispute over health care has created bad blood, left both Democrats and Republicans suspicious of the opposition’s motives, and shattered some of the institution’s traditional collegiality.

At the same time, Democrats say the apparently unbridgeable health care divide has convinced them that Republicans are dedicated solely to blocking legislative proposals for political purposes. Several said they now realized that they would have to rely strictly on their own caucus to advance such defining issues as climate change in 2010.

The article even has Arlen Specter whining about the good old days.

I wasn’t surprised to find a lack of citations relative to Democratic Congresses issuing statement on Reagan’s budgets “Dead on Arrival” before they were sent to the Hill. Or the last several rounds of Democrats on any subject while Bush was President (except when he sent bills drafted by the Donks).

Ok, anyway, you got that McCain? Got it Lindsay? Got it Bennett (at least until next November)? Got it Eric over there in the buddy-buddy House?