Used Car Salesmen are lookin' pretty good...

From Reuters, on December 17 an article about how 2009 gave us a new record in “journalists” killed in the line of duty. This year, thanks to 31 being killed in the Philippines, the new record is currently 68. The interesting thing really isn’t the story, it’s the comments. As of 9pm MST there were ten.

Only 68 devils killed? For how much you “journalists” work against the interests of The American People, and for how much you benefit corporatism, I am surprised there hasn’t been 1000s hung in public. Only if justice still happened…

only 68 with all of the us Right wingers out here would have thought it would be more….sorry, mixed up wishful thinking with reality.

jUrinealist(sic), lawyers, politicians – all the same. Who really cares what happens to these low life creatures? They have trashed the USA (now known as the USSA)and expect us to have some kind of sympathy. Thanks for the laugh of the day, Michelle. How about we all chip in and buy one way tickets to Iran for all of them?

GOOD GRIEF, go around propagandizing then get killed, crap happens. When it starts happening in the homeland don’t expect any tears form the serfs that you work against.

You what you call 68 journalists killed in a year….a good start!

wow – with the decline in the print media that is occuring, i am surprised anybody noticed.

Sorry to see journalist are viewed in such a bad way. I guess they brought it upon themselves. What a shame.

Let us hope the the trend for 2010 is up!

Context is EVERYTHING. Funny, I don’t know a single journalist who includes it in their writing. Appears the tone here is gratitude and no sense of loss. Freedom of the press requires you support it, not subvert it. I know their families miss them but likely were not happy with their carreer choice either and so it goes.

I hope they worked for NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters or AP. (I reckon if I was in a war and had this journalist creep with me distorting the truth and praising the enemy I’d consider sparing a bullet for them as well.)

Whew. I will note that my Marine son started college as a journalism major. I encouraged him because he’s an intelligent young man and I figured he’d get their drift sooner or later. It only took him three weeks. He called me to tell me he was changing his major to anything else because his journalism teacher had his head away from the sunlight. He’s majoring in math and physics now.