Only in the Washington Post...

Republicans control governorships in the two most populous states. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, still the biggest celebrity in the GOP ranks, is on his way out of office next year after a tumultuous tenure in Sacramento. He embodies the vanishing model of fiscal conservative and social moderate that some Republicans think must be part of their future.

Two points airheads. First of all, Arnie would be considered a “fiscal conservative” only in places like California and Washington DC. Second, we need to drop the “fiscal conservative” moniker and get back to being the Party of Small Government.

Fiscal conservative, in practice, is somebody who wants all the same programs the Marxists want, they just want to do them cheaper. And the “smaller government” folks are of the same ilk. We need to be embracing “small government” where instead of arguing that a smaller increase to a departmental budget isn’t really a “cut”, we need to start forcing the discussion to be around how mean we are because we’re eliminating departments.

I’d love to see a Presidential candidate talk about how many government jobs s/he planned to eliminate as opposed to the blather we’re currently listening to about “jobs created/saved”.