This is a classic...

Remember the flap over the “nuclear option”?  You’ll love this from Politico.

A year ago, Barack Obama was elected to bring change to America. But his efforts to transform Washington are being stymied by one of the capital’s oldest of political traditions: the Senate filibuster. Ten months into Obama’s presidency, Democrats have passed just one major piece of legislation, February’s stimulus package.

But from judicial and executive branch nominations to health care, labor and financial reform, the very threat of the filibuster and other obstructionist techniques by Senate Republicans has stopped President Obama’s ambitious political agenda in its tracks.

Reforming the way Washington operates is hardly the sexiest of topics, but from a policy and even a political perspective, there are few more important issues on which Democrats should be focusing their energy. Quite simply, the filibuster has become the single tool that is undercutting everything Obama and the Democrats were elected to achieve.

Didn’t take long did it.

The real difference is that Republicans wanted to stop the filibuster of judicial and cabinet level nominees. I happen to still support that. The Democrats want to stop filibusters period.

I know I should not be amazed by open demonstrations of hypocrisy from the Democrats but this one, this soon, surprises me.