Good news on the economic front here in Arizona!

From a report in the LA Times, the Fifteenth Congressional District here in rural Arizona was the recipient of TARP funds that created 30 jobs.

This afternoon comes the most encouraging economic news, courtesy of our keen-eyed buddy Rick Klein over at ABC, that the Obama administration’s $787-billion economic stimulus has, for example, thankfully created 30 new jobs in a little-known rural corner of Arizona at a cost to American taxpayers of only $761,420.

That works out to only $25,380.67 spent to create each individual job.

Seems like a lot per slot, but those 30 folks must be happy to be employed again and paying taxes.

This will be a real feather in the cap of Vice President Joe Biden, who’s been left behind and assigned by the ever-campaigning president to monitor the stimulus plan, its spending and effectiveness moving into the crucial midterm elections of 2010. Might the Democrats snatch that House seat?

So the people of that 15th Congressional District in staunchly Republican Arizona should be pretty happy about this.

Trouble is, there is no 15th Congressional District in Arizona. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Doesn’t exist. Not in Arizona. Not even on paper at the Democratic National Committee. There are only eight. Period.

But the administration’s much-vaunted recovery.gov website reported these jobs as being created there.

Make that an oopsie.

Frankly, I wish we DID have 15 Congressional Districts. I suspect we could slice and dice the existing districts to the point that Tucson would be the only district a Democrat would ever get elected.

Oh, and while “to err is human”, I should also note that the Obama Administration just spent $18,000,000 to upgrade the recovery.gov website. Erick & Moe, please put Neil on suicide watch.