So maybe 10.2% isn't REALLY the number... UPDATED

Maybe it’s more like 17.5%. From the DNC TalkingPoints page…

In all, more than one out of every six workers — 17.5 percent — were unemployed or underemployed in October. The previous recorded high was 17.1 percent, in December 1982.

This includes the officially unemployed, who have looked for work in the last four weeks. It also includes discouraged workers, who have looked in the past year, as well as millions of part-time workers who want to be working full time.

Hmmm. The previous high was in December of 1982. Ronald Reagan’s fault! Oops, Reagan took office a month later. Who was President in December of ’82?

UPDATE: I am awarding myself the Idiot of the Week award. The commenters who caught my inexcusable error are right. I looked for an appropriate graphic and couldn’t find one that correctly reflected my public stupidity. Please make this an open forum for appropriate “Idiot Crown” graphics.