Want a picture of government run health care?

Keep in mind that in Massachusetts we’ve already seen RomneyCare™ implement rationing, exclude legal immigrants and have massive cost overruns. So now in the People’s Republic of California we have this from SF Gate

California is paying six to seven times more per day to care for some elderly and disabled people in nursing homes because a state-funded in-home care program is turning them away, welfare advocates and lawmakers said Thursday.


A bill by Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, that would have delayed the deadline was killed in the Senate this week.

“The worst of it is that people will probably die as a result of this situation,” said Evans, who vowed to continue her fight to get people care.

Well, you can’t say they’re officially death panels, you’d probably want to classify this right up there with the Art’s homies putting the toothless old folk on an ice floe. Kinda multicultural wouldn’t you say?