In the world of "too good, just too good" this is King for the Day!

Remember when TheBoyPresident™ went to Boston to raise money for their failing Governor and couldn’t fill a room with a lousy 600 seats?  A reminder from the Boston Herald

President Obama blows into the bluest state today facing a cold shoulder from once true-blue admirers, as gay rights activists, anti-war protesters and vexed environmentalists vow to picket a fund-raiser he’s headlining for Gov. Deval Patrick – a marquee event that hasn’t even sold out.

Well, apparently it’s endemic with This Administration. Today, the PutzWhoWouldBeRex™ visited NY23. From the Weekly Standard

At the Northside Improvement League here in town a rally for Democratic congressional candidate Bill Owens has just gotten underway with remarks by local Democratic politicians. June O’Neill, executive chair of the New York Democratic party, just finished delivering a stemwinder about “right-wing extremists” bringing their “hatemongering” to the 23rd District.

Biden is going to speak any minute, and there are maybe 250 people gathered (50 of them are with the media); Watertown has a population of 30,000. The event is open to the public–no one needed a ticket to get in–but the room is only about 65 percent full. The turnout suggests that Joe the Vice President might not connect with working class voters (the kind who populate Watertown) as much as the White House believes he does.

Ahhh, schmucks.