Well, the House certainly has it's priorities in order.

Let’s see now.  We’ve got TheBoyPresident™ and his minions trying to turn our health care system into Britain’s NHS, unemployment is at record – recent record – highs and going up, the housing industry is a freaking mess, banking will be back for another bite at the apple before long… 

Did I miss anything?  Oh yeah, from the New York Times,

WASHINGTON — The commissioner of the N.F.L. faced heated criticism Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, with lawmakers, former players and even a former team executive accusing the league of neglect in its handling of active and retired players with brain injuries.


In his opening statement, the committee chairman, Representative John Conyers Jr. said the issue of brain injuries in football warranted federal scrutiny because “the N.F.L. is a monopoly whose existence was legislatively sanctioned,” referring to the antitrust exemption for broadcasting that has helped the league grow into a multibillion-dollar operation. The league is also arguing a case before the Supreme Court hoping to expand its antitrust privileges.

John Freaking Conyers. Heh.

Now then, is the subject of brain injuries to players important? Well, I’d guess it probably is to them. And maybe even to the owners. And the equipment manufacturers. Is this an issue for the Congress of the United States? Please.

Although, on second thought, I really would rather have the Congress spending the time of idiots like John F Conyers, Jr. debating issues like football rules and equipment or the use of steroids by baseball players than talking about the other stuff on my earlier list.

So, John F Conyers, Jr., here’s a big 908 Pat on the Back for YOU!