BREAKING: Lefties Picket a GW Bush Fundraiser in Boston...

HT to HotAir… Well, the Left is back in the swing of things. It’s a mega-gathering of the OldHats in Boston tonight to protest the denial of civil liberties to homosexuals in the military, to protest “wars of convenience”, to shout out the complicity of the US in the destruction of the environment and of course the unions will be there protesting anti-union policies. It’s been a while since the CODE Pinkos and the gay rights folk and the envirowackos and the union thugs have had the opportunity to get together and break windows bread, but a fundraiser in merry old bean town is bringing them all together again.

From the Boston Herald

President Obama blows into the bluest state today facing a cold shoulder from once true-blue admirers, as gay rights activists, anti-war protesters and vexed environmentalists vow to picket a fund-raiser he’s headlining for Gov. Deval Patrick – a marquee event that hasn’t even sold out.


As some grousing liberals were plotting their protests, tickets were moving slowly for the posh private hotel gathering where Obama is slated to shake hands and pose for photos at $6,000 a pop.

Add it all up, and liberal ire with Obama is close to the boiling point, said Princeton University political scientist Julian Zelizer.

Oh, did I say GW Bush? My bad!!