Pass the Mayo please. Or not.

Well gosh, the White House thinks that the Mayo Clinic is just the bees knees and should be the model for how hospitals are run.  Until maybe today according to that organ of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy the Washington Post.

The renowned Mayo Clinic is no longer accepting some Medicare and Medicaid patients, raising new questions about whether it is too selective to serve as a model for health-care reform.

The White House has repeatedly held up for praise Mayo and other medical centers, many of which are in the Upper Midwest, that perform well in Dartmouth College rankings showing wide disparities in how much hospitals spend on Medicare patients.

[snip] But some skeptics — health-care analysts as well as politicians and medical officials in states that would be hurt by Mayo’s proposals — argue that low Medicare spending by Mayo and others is driven by the lack of diversity and poverty in their patient population. They say Mayo’s low-cost image is belied by the high rates it charges insurers and private payers.

Read the whole thing because, combined with bk’s front page article on Romneycare Rationing will give you a very good picture of exactly why Obama and Friends go to a proctologist when they have a head ache.