Ummm, I'm pretty sure the sky is falling...

My appreciation for Liz Cheney (or about any of the Cheneys) knows pretty much no bounds. Well, I will stop at posting 1000+ word dairies consisting primarily of press releases, but hey, even I’ve got limits. My disdain for Tom Friedman likewise pretty much knows no bounds. I prefer MoDo to Friedman, only because everybody KNOWS MoDo is a mindless twit and lots of people actually consider Friedman to be a “reputable journalist” (and Heidi Fleiss was a “successful businesswoman”).

OK, so why is the sky falling, you ask? Well, today (you might want to circle it on your Calendar of Improbable Events) Liz Cheney and Tom Friedman both sent pretty much the identical message to the BoyPresident™. Thanks to TNJim for posting the video of Liz & Friends (and if you haven’t seen it, Bill Kristol has to be auditioning for a spot on SNL) and a HT to HotAir for the Friedman link.

First, Liz…

Followed by Heidi er, Tom

All that said, I hope Mr. Obama will take this instinct a step further when he travels to Oslo on Dec. 10 for the peace prize ceremony. Here is the speech I hope he will give:

“Let me begin by thanking the Nobel committee for awarding me this prize, the highest award to which any statesman can aspire. As I said on the day it was announced, ‘I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize.’ Therefore, upon reflection, I cannot accept this award on my behalf at all.

“But I will accept it on behalf of the most important peacekeepers in the world for the last century — the men and women of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.


“I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers who stand guard today at outposts in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan to give that country, and particularly its women and girls, a chance to live a decent life free from the Taliban’s religious totalitarianism.

Actually, you should read the whole thing. It’s an excellent column, and I would posit that Friedman should receive a Nobel Prize for Journalism for it. Seriously.

Now then, can you imagine (cue John Lennon) an Obama speech that fails to make the centerpoint of said speech Himself (don’t criticize my English, it’s the Irish usage thank you). Please note that Ms. Cheney even went so far as to send a Gold Star Mother to receive the “award”. Heh. Well, at least we know they’ve already got the telephone numbers of military families, so maybe they’ll just send a “Future Gold Star Mother”. Or Cindy Sheehan. Oops, she’s personna non grata, won’t be her. Anyway, the BoyPresident™ missing a world media event? Barack’sTeleprompter™ would have a fit. And let’s not forget the million four. If he sent a Gold Star Mom or accepted it on behalf of the US Military he’d probably have to donate it to a military charity. Or maybe he could toss it to the Gay Veterans With Hurt Feelings in lieu of getting rid of DADT.

So, in conclusion, I agree with Ms. Cheney and Ms. Fleiss Mr. Friedman. What I will not be doing is holding my breath.