I think the TAGS noted under the headline pretty much say it all.

From Politico

Sen. Lindsey Graham working with Sen. John Kerry on climate bill
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“Our partnership represents a fresh attempt to find consensus that adheres to our core principles and leads to both a climate change solution and energy independence,” the two senators wrote in The New York Times. “It begins now, not months from now — with a road to 60 votes in the Senate.”

Graham’s support is a major win for climate supporters, who are seeking Republican support for climate legislation. […]

The Democratic Caucus is split over the climate bill, with Rust Belt senators fearing that the legislation could hurt industry and consumers in their region. The divide among Democrats means supporters will most likely need Republican votes to overcome a Senate filibuster.

In the world of things that piss me off, this is pretty near the top of the list. Note the TAGS. Both Graham and McCain and both of the bast**ds are pretty much unbeatable.

The Republican Party in DC seems to be having real problems these days doing any number of things. But finding a replacement for Arlen Specter doesn’t seem to be one of them. Do we have any real leadership in the Senate? Anybody? Has even one Senator spoken up to note their regret at voting for Obama’s AG? Where’s the outrage people?

Tuesday is payday at our house. Direct deposit hits the account at 9:00pm MST and at 9:01 I’ve $50.00 each headed for Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio. These two guys are our reason for being hopeful.