Nothing. Nada. And, looks like it may be open season...

on Barack. And last night Saturday Night Live fired the opening salvo. If you missed it…

Now then, to be fair the folks at SNL have, over the years, taken some pot shots at both Dems and Reps. I’m not going to even try to discuss whether or not the distribution of those shots were equitable or anything along that line because at this point it wouldn’t matter anyway. What is notable is that the program has (based on what I’ve read about it because I don’t stay up late enough to watch it) been 150% in the tank for Barack & Company.

So, they open the show with a skit that openly mocks Him™, pointing out – and quite accurately at that – his record of accomplishment. Or non-accomplishment. And they’re really quite withering about it.

In my memory, such as it is, most of their political skits have focused more on personal foibles of the politicos rather than actual policy jabs, with the possible exception of their whack at Gov. Palin being able to see Russia. I would say that this poke in the eye of TheOne™ far surpasses the Palin jabs because they’ve been so in the tank for Himtrade;.

Now the big questions are:

1. Will the White House Mafia go after the SNL folks?
2. Will the Republicans capitalize on this fantastic video footage?
3. Will this open the door to the comedy folks in general to openly mock our pathetic POTUS?