Damn you John McCain.

From today’s New York Times.

Wading into the debate on a national health care plan, Senator John McCain said on Sunday that one way for Democrats and Republicans to reach a compromise would be for President Obama to abandon a government-run insurance program for the nation’s 49 million uninsured.

OK, so you refused to put up a fight for the Presidency and gave it to Barry when it might well have been winnable. You don’t have a clue about the First Amendment. You support Constitutional Rights for terrorists. And now, when the real folks have Barry on the ropes you want to compromise!!!!!!!!

And John, about the GD “49 million”, about 10MM of those are your precious illegal aliens and 24MM live in households that have income greater than $50,000 (7MM over $75K). You can get educated here.

And, before my head explodes, if there was ever any doubt that John McCain is a damned fool…

Senator McCain said President Obama is as much to blame as Republicans for the paralysis on health care legislation because “the president has not come forward with a plan of his own.” He lamented the absence of the Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who is ailing with brain cancer, from the Congressional debate. Senator Kennedy, he said, has had “a unique way” of getting Senators “sitting down at the table and making the right concessions.”

Just when the hell did Kennedy ever “concede” anything?

Senator McCain I am utterly ashamed that the people of my state keep reelecting you to serve the people who commute to Washington DC. You are up for reelection this coming year and you’ll probably win, but you’ll certainly do it without my vote in either the primary or the general election. Oh, and your daughter is an idiot.