Thank you Erick (and probably Neil)!!

For the past while I could click on a comment or a diary, go brew a cup of coffee – sometimes I could have run to the store, bought coffee, came home and brewed it – come back to my computer and read articles from the Washington Times while waiting for Redstate. And my favorite was writing a detailed comment hitting publish and… well, you know.

Today! Wow!! A whole new world. 🙂

Erick, thank you for the kind of leadership that runs us out of bandwidth and bogs down the hardware. And today, thanks for finding the new hardware and migrating Redstate. And Neil, I’m sure you had something to do with all this and if you didn’t, well there’s a pay cut in your immediate future.

Thanks again to all who had a hand in this morning and for the good and exciting things that I just “know” are coming.