Blue on blue...

From SFGate

Mayor Gavin Newsom’s rumored plan to force out the Latino director of the Human Rights Commission and move contracting oversight functions to another city department shows a total disregard for businesses that are not part of the “old boys network” and is part of a pattern in his administration of propping up the status quo, minority groups and businesses said this week.

Those harsh words – along with a veiled warning that the issue could plague him on the campaign trail – were delivered in a letter to Newsom Tuesday by the Coalition on Economic Equity, a conglomeration of minority business associations.

Newsom reportedly is looking to replace commission Director Christopher Iglesias with former Police Commission President Theresa Sparks, as The Chronicle reported Sunday.

City Hall insiders believe that as part of the shakeup, Newsom will also put the city administrator’s office in charge of enforcing contracting laws – a move critics charge will undermine minority- and women-owned businesses who already struggle to compete for city dollars.

Just WOW!

Where to begin?

  • San Francisco, CA has an “old boys network”?
  • Theresa Sparks is one of the “old boys”?
  • “[M]inority and women-owned businesses … struggle to compete for city dollars”?

Oh, and let’s not forget the classic concept that San Francisco has a “status quo” that should be assaulted by the left.

There are a bunch of fundamental conclusions that can, and I think rightly can, be drawn about this particular situation. Let’s remember that we are talking about San Francisco here. Moscow on the Bay. A place where Lamar Alexander or Lindsey Graham would be looked upon as members of the VRWC. And in context, they would be. I want to focus on just a couple of those conclusions.

First, and this is important when it comes to the various debates going on in the Kremlin Congress with the avowed purpose of leveling the playing field and making life’s outcomes fair. The victim groups on the left cannot be satisfied. Remember, Newsome is considering replacing a member of one aggrieved group with a member of another aggrieved group.

Second, the idea that a news organization that is no model of conservatism could accuse an administration in San Francisco of harboring an “old boy network” pretty much says all that needs to be said about the permanent governing coalition that the Left has put together.

And finally, to apply the above conclusions to Moscow on the Potomac, just look at where the most effective work is being done in stopping big pieces of the Barack Agenda. It’s not coming from our side, we’re introducing legislation requiring candidates to produce birth certificates. It’s coming from the far Left because our Marxist-in-Residence at 2400 Pennsylvania Ave is too conservative.

It’s time to focus folks, 2010 is right around the corner and 2012 may never get here.