BeBe's line in the sand...

Thanks to the really smart guys at Powerline for their coverage of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. The money quote is here:

I have already stressed the first principle – recognition. Palestinians must clearly and unambiguously recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. The second principle is: demilitarization. The territory under Palestinian control must be demilitarized with ironclad security provisions for Israel.

Without these two conditions, there is a real danger that an armed Palestinian state would emerge that would become another terrorist base against the Jewish state, such as the one in Gaza.

We don’t want Kassam rockets on Petach Tikva, Grad rockets on Tel Aviv, or missiles on Ben-Gurion airport. We want peace.

In order to achieve peace, we must ensure that Palestinians will not be able to import missiles into their territory, to field an army, to close their airspace to us, or to make pacts with the likes of Hezbollah and Iran. On this point as well, there is wide consensus within Israel.

It is impossible to expect us to agree in advance to the principle of a Palestinian state without assurances that this state will be demilitarized. On a matter so critical to the existence of Israel, we must first have our security needs addressed.

Highlight is mine.

So Barry, see what it means to be the leader of a nation? What ya gonna do now BoyPresident™? Let’s see if you can play on the field with the real men or if you’ll simply defer to Carter.

PM Netanyahu lays out his policy very clearly – read the whole excerpt at Powerline – and his reasons for his policy. It’s all single syllable words that even a US Government School dropout should be able to figure out. And it makes absolutely perfect sense. I now await the reaction of “the world” and their outrage. Pushy Jooooooooooos.