Like I've said a hundred times, it's war.

And while I’ve said it a lot, Art Chance has said it better at least that many times.  Thanks to Andrew Breitbart in the Washington Times, we have corroboration that, in fact, Art knows from whence he speaks about governing.

For starters…

Democrats invest – with taxpayer money, mind you – in groups like ACORN that, among other sordid tactics, seek out Skid Row bodies and wheel them to polling places. All the Democratic National Committee needs are vans and smelling salts. Pop culture and the “education system” have done the rest, making “D” the default choice on Election Day.

Democrats brazenly take policy positions – think government services and even amnesty for illegal immigrants – not because they are the right thing to do, but because they are time-tested demographic bribes. Forget cigarettes and beer, Democrats would distribute needles, methadone, medical marijuana and biscotti in voter goodie bags if they could get away with it.

Andrew goes on to note…

When elected, the Democrats dole out billion-dollar bonuses to their core supporters at taxpayers’ expense. Witness the $787 billion stimulus package, an orgy of special-interest payback for labor unions, liberal activist groups and multinational corporations. One would be hard pressed to name a Democratic policy that is motivated more by principle than by winning.

There’s a whole lot more, an indictment of the media for instance, but Andrew really smacked the nail on it’s head in his close.

Republicans, on the other hand, act like a snobby condo board and appear to seek out potential voters for their savoriness. The party expects pre-existing respectable organizations, Protestant churches in particular, to do the heavy lifting. In this day of dwindling Republican appeal, the party’s ace in the hole is heard at the end of the polling day: “Have they counted the overseas military vote yet?” It’s amazing Republicans ever win.

Most disturbing, Republicans seem to think Democrats can be their friends.

Actually, I think Art referred to the doofuses as people who’d worked their way through the local Chamber of Commerce, but the net effect is the same. And Andrew drives my constant point as well. Democrats are the enemy. They cannot be your friends. And if they are, you need new friends. And if you’re a Member of Congress you need a new job, maybe as a grave digger. You’ll be able to more directly bury the country you once thought you represented.

And to Andrew Breitbart, thanks for proving once again that the wisest people publish at Redstate.

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