Tea Parties? What Tea Parties?

I use FireFox for my internet browser because it has cool features. One of the coolest (in my non-techie, non-cutting edge opinion) is an add-in called Brief. It is a subscription based RSS headline reader so I can see headlines from all sorts of sources in one place. I subscribe to a bunch of newspapers (more on that later) and a bigger bunch of blogs. Makes it very convenient to review quickly what’s being reported/what’s being talked about and be able to aggregate lots of info quickly.

Yeah, OK, so what you’re saying. I’m saying this…

I clear Brief every day. When I checked it on Wednesday, I decided to clear nothing for a few days. What I was looking for was feeds that related to Tea Parties. Keep in mind, I’m getting top line story/headline feeds from the news outlets, stuff that they put in their RSS service because they think the stories are important. So, the results? Hey, thanks for asking…

Feed Source Total Stories Fed Tea Party Stories
AZ Republic – News



NYT – News



WSJ – News



WaPo – News



WaPo – Political



WaTimes – News



IBD – Editorial






Get the picture? OK, everybody who is surprised please raise your hand.

And, if you’ve got a couple of minutes, you can read ’em all. It won’t take long.

Investor’s Business Daily Editorials…
Tax Day Rallies Were Anything But ‘Astroturf’
Tea Wasn’t All That Simmered At Tax Protests
Tax Revolt: Day 1

Washington Times…
PRUDEN: Hail the tea bag, weapon of terror and this is actually an OP Ed, not “News”
Tossed package ends D.C. “Tea Party”

I should note here that I purposely don’t bother to aggregate feeds from TV sources like CNN, MSNBC, Fox or the networks. One, it’s a waste of my time to review them; two, they’re covered more than adequately by YouTube.

So, bottom line is that over 200,000 people showed up at rallies all across the nation in the middle of the week. The organizers spent about $1.98 on advertising, promotion and overhead to coordinate the rallies. And it ain’t “news”.

taralynn is a hopeless optimist.

Thank goodness for blogs and the alternative media. If it wasn’t for us there wouldn’t be any hope for this country.