Want to know what the leader of the Republican Party should sound like? **Updated**

Thanks to smart guys at Powerline, and the leader of the party who is supposedly in opposition to the Marxists who are currently in power in this country should be saying what the gentleman below the fold is saying.

Frankly, when I heard this clip, I forgot about Sarah, forgot about Romney, forgot about Sanford and Jeb, remembered that I never thought about Mikie, recalled exactly why I absolutely detest the thought and the sight of John McCain and his idiot daughter and spineless staff, and thought about what it would take to get a constitutional amendment passed.

The clip is about three minutes, and it’s a great refresher on what a Conservative should sound like. Oh, and the guy actually walks like talks.

UPDATE: Mr Ed beat me to this gentleman with his Redstate blog here… Mr Ed, I missed it. You’re in great company, you beat not just me (which is no big deal), but you beat the smart guys at Powerline! Good work.

So yeah, he’s a Brit. But so was Churchill. In case you missed it, his name is Daniel Hannan and he’s a Member of the European Parliament. By way of background from Andrew Ian Dodge at Pajamas Media

He, like me, is one of Thatcher’s children who spent much of the early 90s trying to get the Conservative Party to remain Thatcherite and not drift off toward the limp middle as it did under Major and subsequent leaders (sound familiar?). After his graduation from Oxford, Hannan was a regular at meetings, dinners of varying sizes, and social events in London sponsored by groups like the National Association of Conservative Graduates and the Conservative Way Forward. Young Conservatives in London lost a great talent when he went off to Brussels as an MEP. In Hannan, the European Parliament gained a permanent anti-federalist burr who would oppose its desires for continued encroachment on national powers and for micro-managing control.

We have to console ourselves that Douglas Carswell, a good friend of his and co-author of Hannan’s recent book The Plan, managed to get by the “wets” (British RINOs) and get elected to Parliament. In the book, Hannan & Carswell set out a vision for what a Conservative government should look like.

Rest assured that there are many conservatives in the UK who would like to see the next Conservative government led by Dan Hannan with Dougles Carswell as his chancellor, rather than the current lot that leads the centrist Conservative Party.

So, where is our Daniel Hannan? And as the Right Truth notes, someone should be inviting him to a Tea Party. In the meantime, how about repealing that part of the Constitution that requires birth on US soil and lets naturalize Hannan.

As a final taste, here’s Hannan with Neil Cavuto…

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