Great advice for the Man of Steele.

And most of it isn’t from me!  See Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas Media for the whole article!

Steele has his work cut out for him. There are seven steps he might take to set the party on the road to recovery.

First, Steele should offer to debate DNC Chairman Tim Kaine coast-to-coast on the Democrats’ stimulus plan and the economic crisis.
Second, Steele should call in Mitt Romney or another respected business figure like Fed Ex’s Fred Smith to conduct a top-to-bottom audit of the RNC and recommend needed reforms.
Third, Steele should enlist Newt Gingrich to find the next ten great conservative ideas.
Fourth, Steele must find a way to highlight on a regular basis the achievements of Republican governors who are among the brightest lights in the party.
Fifth, Steele, better than anyone, can recognize that many of the old bulls of the Republican Party and the organizations which they populate don’t have much appeal, even within the party. They couldn’t pick the 2008 presidential nominee and they didn’t select the RNC chair. In short, they’ve lost their relevance despite having some of the loudest voices in the party and in conservative media. That means new activists and organizations need to receive seed money, support, and visibility. Steele can encourage and nurture new entities, especially ones comprised of younger and more ethnically and racially diverse conservatives. Conservatives badly need new entities to advance their interests, and Steele can lend a hand.

Sixth, Steele needs to recruit more people like the Vietnamese immigrant and upset winner Congressman Joseph Cao. Let’s be honest: there are too few Republican minority candidates, office holders, and party officials. Steele needs to go into ethnic neighborhoods, find community leaders committed to conservative causes, and help pave the way for them to rise from local and state offices to the national stage. At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Americans shouldn’t see a homogeneous sea of all white faces.

And finally, Steele needs to find an appropriate day-to-day communication strategy during the Obama presidency.

I included the entire quotes for items five and six because of the following article I found in the Washington Times.

Back in 2004, a smart, good-looking moderate Republican Hispanic ran for Congress. At the time Victor Elizalde was just under 40 years old and working as an executive at a big-time Hollywood studio. As an ethnic minority, a family man and a rare open conservative in an industry dominated by liberals, Mr. Elizalde represented hope and change for the Republican Party.

Yet because he was running for Henry A. Waxman´s safe seat, Mr. Elizalde got no support from the Republican Party . In fact, no one in the party´s leadership took notice of him. As a result Mr. Waxman trounced Mr. Elizalde with 71 percent of the vote.

Mr. Elizalde has since moved on with his life and is no longer pursuing a political career. What a major waste of talent. Yet again, I blame the conservative movement and the Republican Party for writing off Hollywood completely.

Mr. Steele, please R.E.C.R.U.I.T.

And while we’re at it, take John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch off your mailing list. Thank you.