Come on now, this is just piling on...

From the dairies by Erick.

Poor, poor New York Times.

First their circulation goes to hell in a handcart.

Then the National Enquirer displaces them as the “Newspaper of Record”.

Then their stock certificates become cheaper birdcage liners than their newspaper.

And now this

Washington D.C. lobbyist Vikki Iseman is suing the New York Times for $27 million because of the an explosive story last February, where anonymous sources were said to be “convinced the [Iseman-McCain] relationship had become romantic” back in 1999.

Long Island Business News reports that “the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond on Tuesday, alleges the article falsely communicated that Iseman and McCain had an illicit ‘romantic’ relationship in 1999 when he was chair of the Senate Commerce Committee and she was a lobbyist representing clients before Congress.”

Both McCain and Iseman denied any romantic relationship.

Also named in the 36-page suit as defendants are exexcutive editor Bill Keller, Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet, and reporters Jim Rutenberg, David Kirkpatrick, Stephen Labaton and Marilyn Thompson (who’s since joined the Washington Post).

Geez, I almost feel sorry for them. After all, just because they print rumors and when none of those are available they make up their own, why should they be punished. I mean, hey, GWB let them off the hook for printing that classified stuff.

Actually, the biggest problem here may be trying to collect if Iseman wins. The Times is as short of cash as GM and is trying to either sell their share of the Boston Red Sox or mortgage their building in NYC. I don’t know about the Sox. But I’m a mortgage banker and given their current financial statement and their circulation and ad revenue trends, I wouldn’t loan them John Kerry’s money. Oops, I forgot. He doesn’t have any. It’s all Theresa Heinz’. Or maybe they could float a loan from the Kennedy family. Well, like, after the articles last week, gee, maybe, you know, that might not work so well either. I know. Pinch could sell his soul. Oh yeah, I forgot. He already did that.

Oh well. And, on second thought I don’t feel at all bad for the ill bred, pompous bastards who own and run the rag.