Mr. President, go spit up a rope.

Or something like that.

You got a $700B bail out through the Congress for the financial folks.  So far, what we’ve gotten for our money is a 180 degree turn on what will be done with the cash.  And howls from just about everybody who has anything to do with the program that there is no oversight and generally nobody running the program has a clue what’s going on.

So, let’s toss $15B or $20B to the single worst run industry in the United States.  The automakers.  Make that US based automakers because the furriners who run auto assembly plants in places other than Michigan don’t seem to be having the same problems.

And while we’re at it, let’s not do anything to upset the UAW and force a permanent modification of their agreement with Detroit.  Like stopping the “hey, you’re not working but we’ll pay you forever anyway” clause.  Or their benefit costs.  Or their retiree benefit costs.  Or their hourly wage.

Oh, and we won’t put any reins on your exempt hiring and employment practices either. You kinda keep doing what y’all have been doing and will just give you money so you can keep it up.

Mr. President, as in George W. Bush, so far you’ve given us a visionary foreign policy designed to protect American national security and you’ve freed about 50MM people from tyranny in the process.  I supported the Bush Doctrine when you first talked about it.  Unfortunately, since those heady days you’ve seen fit to not defend any of your actions from the Democrats who have lied and twisted everything you’ve done.  Heck, at times you even agreed with them.

Then there’s the NCLB, CFR, MedD, etc. stuff.

And the $700B thingy.

And now this.

Thank God for men like Richard Shelby and Jon Kyl.  Hopefully they’ll cob together 39 more Senators who have principles (and yes, I mean it exactly that way) and filibuster this piece of crap you seem to be set on holding hands with the Democrats over.  I hope this legislation meets the same noisy but correct fate as the Comprehensive <S>Amnesty</S> Immigration bill that you and John McCain tried to sell last year.

I can’t tell you how much I hope you enjoy your retirement sir.  Or how glad I am that you’re retiring.

To those principled Republicans in the House and Senate:  oppose this bail out.  In any form.  If the Dems want it so bad let them pass it next year without a single Republican vote, but now, while you have the opportunity, kill the damn thing.