Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

it goes in the tank.  My opinion of President George W. Bush, that is.

Hat tip toMark Krikorian from NRO.

Last month, November, US employers reduced employment by 553,000 jobs. Last month the feds handed out about 140,000 work permits and green cards to foreign workers so they could work in the US.

At a White House Press Conference, a reporter for World Net Daily asked Dana Pernino a question. The encounter – of a fourth kind – is here…

“Since so many American citizens have been laid off their jobs, I wanted to ask, how long before the federal government begins an unprecedented drive to apprehend and deport those law-breaking illegal aliens who hold, …” he began.

“All right, that will do it,” said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

Kinsolving finished, “…so many U.S. jobs and receive many U.S. government benefits?”

“Look, you know how I feel about immigration,” Perino said. “We’ve talked about it before. The president has put in strong interior enforcement measures, but we also think that we should have a compassionate side to the United States and to think about putting in place a temporary worker program so that we can help safeguard our economy, but also help those individuals.

There is one temporary worker program already in place that I strongly approve of. And that is the one that employs the President. Just about six weeks more of this stupidity.

Oh, and when Obama/Reid/McCain bring up the amnesty redux on steroids next year, let’s remember this. “Compassionate conservatives” suck. Good riddance.