Voter fraud, now credit card fraud...

Hat tip to Mark Steyn

We’ve all heard about the organized efforts at voter fraud brought to us by that non-partisan group ACORN. They are currently being investigated in 15 or states. Page two of the fraud circus is now upon us.A line of background. The media has been in a complete frenzy about Obama’s fund raising prowess. Last month BO raised 150 million dollars to install Marxism as the government of choice in the US. So, where’s the money coming from? A huge chunk comes from on-line donations. The normal mode for an on-line donation (followed to the letter by the McCain Campaign), calls for you to enter some basic information: CC number, expiration date, security code, your name as it appears on the card, your full billing address. If any one of those fields do not match the actual card record the charge is denied. Over the last week or so, some enterprising folk at NRO noticed that the Obama Campaign website didn’t ask for the security code so they tried an experiment, real card number, fake name, fake address. BINGO! The donation was apparently accepted. When confronted, the Obamaistas said that they disabled the security protocols on the website in order to speed acceptance of donations, but every card was run through rigorous security checks in their back office to insure the donation was legal.


The gentleman who started the ball rolling made four donations under the names “John Galt”, “Saddam Hussein”, “Osama bin Laden”, and “William Ayers”, all using the same credit card number. He wrote this morning to say that all four donations have been charged to his card and the money has now left his account. Again, it’s worth pointing out: in order to enable the most basic card fraud of all – multiple names using a single credit card number – the Obama campaign had to manually disable all the default security checks provided by their merchant processor.

The reader adds:

Last night on Sheppard Smith’s 3pm-ET show this issue was brought up briefly and they cited the Obama campaign falsely claiming that this sort of thing happens at the McCain site and that they catch these errors later in the processing. Well, it took three days to process my donations and they all skated through their rigorous screening.

And it doesn’t happen at the McCain site. This reader tried donating under “John Galt” and “Saddam Hussein” to the McCain campaign and they rejected it.

So, gentle reader, we not only have a Democrat trying to buy the election of a President – after he made great press about using only public money in order to avoid the appearance of evil – we have the spectacle of that candidate using credit card fraud to do it.

Let’s be real clear about this. The security protocols have to be manually disabled. It’s not really easy to do and requires the absolute intent to do it. It can’t be done “by mistake”.

The McCain Campaign has their security protocols in place and working, top to bottom from the website through the processor.

The Obama Campaign is set up to accept fraudulent donations, pure and simple. It’s intentional. It can’t be done by mistake. It can only be done by someone with approved access, you can’t stumble into the protocol to change it by clicking the “wrong button” on a website. This has all the earmarks (pun intended) of orchestrated fraud on a massive scale. It’s wire fraud and bank fraud of the highest order. Hopefully (heh!) some AG somewhere will investigate this. I’m not holding out much hope, but heck, they’ve started to look at ACORN.

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